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Laura Chenault

Laura-Chenault-Teaching Artist.jpg

Creating art from a queer, feminist, and post-modernist perspective, Laura Chenault’s concept and content works hand-in-hand with presentation and display. Every project considers medium, scale, and delivery. Her process begins in extensive journals filled with notes, scribbles, ramblings, inspiration. Form and function are the foundation of her initial image making. With time and perseverance, ideas take fruition. She has a BFA in photography from the University of Illinois. The disciplines she works in are photography, collage, book arts, installation art, performance, printmaking, and film making. Her love of alternative processes spans decades after being exposed to them by Bea Nettles and Barbara DeGenevieve as an undergrad. In addition to making art, Laura is passionate about building communities, sharing skills, mentoring, and teaching.

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