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Arts for Learning’s board of directors is committed to development of the board of directors just as we are to the staff, artists and programming partners of the organization.

We are always looking to strengthen our board by diversifying the skills, work, volunteer, and life experience of our board of directors.

This year we are looking to better represent the community we serve by better aligning to the demographics of the youth we serve in the eight counties of Western New York.  This means we are looking for the following:

  • Individuals representing the eight counties.  We currently have 12 members living in Erie County.

  • Individuals representing the demographics of those we serve.  We currently serve 52% White, 32% Black or African American, 11% Hispanic, and 5% Asian, Native American or Multi Ethnic. 

  • Accountant, Attorney, MBA, and human resources professionals

  • Educator/ Community/ Social Services experience

  • Previous experience in leading major donor initiatives

  • Individuals who are retired and/or have free time with which to volunteer their time

  • Strong corporate network connections

  • Previous Board Experience


We meet with individuals interested in serving with Arts for Learning throughout the year, and elect new board members and fill our committees in June annually. If you are indeed interested in serving Arts for Learning, please submit the enclosed service interest form with a resume or biography to
Employment Opportunities


Arts for Learning is the leading arts-in-education organization in the 8 counties of WNY. We accomplish our mission through working with professional artists to engage young people in creative learning opportunities so that they might become extraordinary adults.


A sustainable and growing nonprofit organization, we are celebrating 60 years of service and are one of 29 affiliates in 26 states. We provide programming in schools and community centers in the visual, literary, media and performing arts, in multi-year long-term collaborations, residencies and workshops. A key strategy and growth area is working with young people living in geographically remote communities and/or involvement with the juvenile justice system.



Why is arts education important? Do you know enough to advocate? 
Read on for 5 facts about Arts Education that will help you build your expertise.

1. Art teaches creativity

Something so simple is also overlooked! Businesses today are demanding highly skilled, creative and independent thinkers. These same skills are taught and practiced regularly through arts disciplines. Creative thinking is, at its most basic, the ability to synthesize information in multiple ways. This leads to the innovation and scientific discovery that advances business and culture in wonderful ways.

2. Art in school foster better student attendance

Students who are involved in the arts are 3 times more likely to win an awarded for school attendance.

“This one day I was going to stay home sick from high school was the same day our school’s select chorus was scheduled to sin on the radio. Stormin’ Norman, I couldn’t miss that! So yes, i earned 4 years perfect attendance and the credit goes entirely to my music and drama classes.”  – former student, current teaching artist

3. Early arts engagement impacts college graduation

Students from low-income families who have sustained engagement in the arts are more than twice as likely to graduate from college as peers who have not arts education.

4. The arts are core curriculum

48 states have adopted national standards for learning in the arts. There is no excuse for not making the arts part of the regular learning day in school.

5. The arts are not equally represented in schools

88% secondary schools do not offer dance
96% elementary schools do not offer theater
11% secondary schools do not offer visual arts
6% elementary schools do not offer music (Note: this is not equivalent of 1.6 million elementary students who do not have access to music instruction)

The arts are vital to our young people. Take these facts and talk to your school representatives about ways to support bringing arts deeper into the school. Help Arts for Learning help every child receive access to the arts.


These facts and more can be found at Americans for the Arts.

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