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Justice & Equity Commitment

The board, staff, and Teaching Artist community of Arts for Learning WNY believe in the power of the arts to engage and empower individuals and communities. By participating in versatile and rich arts education, we believe students will creatively transform their schools, neighborhoods, and beyond. Art can be an agent of personal and social liberation, and we believe this is essential to our mission to inspire people and expand their learning through the arts.


We have a responsibility to continuously work to dismantle the barriers to the arts and arts education in our community. The impact of arts in education is especially significant for communities that often do not have equitable opportunities for discovery, exploration, and self-empowerment through the arts.


We recognize historical and current injustices and systems of oppression – both in society at large and within the fields of education, especially arts education – that have created opportunity gaps we must eradicate. We are committed to engaging in the hard work necessary to advance Justice, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Innovation (JEDII) within our organization and across the arts and education communities. We seek to foster an atmosphere of inclusivity, empathy, and awareness that allows the community to feel safe and valued in each aspect of our work. We strive to use JEDII principles as a central point in our decision-making and program-building across the spectrum. Working to enact change from the classroom to the boardroom and all spaces between!


Learn more about Arts for Learning WNY’s commitment to the community: please read our Accessibility Statement, Racial Equity and Social Justice Commitment, Community Commitment, and our statement in support of the Black Lives Matter Statement of Support. 

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