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Characters with the Bard

Grades PK-8

This workshop focuses on analyzing the characters in Shakespeare through physical and vocal expression. The workshop will guide students through physical and vocal warm-ups to prepare them to be present, connect, and ready their bodies to receive and tell stories. Through this kinesthetic approach to learning, students will take ownership of some of Shakespeare’s influential characters by interpreting how the characters of Shakespeare view themselves, how other characters view them, and through the character’s actions. This activity activates the lessons about character development and analysis from the classroom. Students will be allowed to learn with their minds and bodies, strengthening information retention, understanding, and connection. 

Storytelling Through Shakespeare

Grades 3-12

This program will use movement and the voice to take ownership of Shakespeare’s text and develop a deeper understanding of his work. Shakespeare is one of history’s most iconic storytellers and wrote his texts to be seen and heard rather than passively read.  Through this kinesthetic storytelling workshop, students will extend their bodies and voices to embody Shakespeare’s text. Students will identify the foundational parts of a story in Shakespearean scenes and use teamwork in small groups to create movement and sounds to highlight crucial moments in the text. The program will begin with a voice and body warm-up, leading to a brief introduction to textual analysis of the script. The program includes performances of the students’ work to the class. A highlight of this program is team/ community-building and providing student ownership of academic material. 

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