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Women in Hip Hop

Women in Hip Hop

B.flo-Girls, a collective with BGirl Resolve & DJ Lisa Lux, are proud to offer gender-inclusive workshops to share Hip Hop history, highlight influential women in Hip Hop Culture, teach the foundational elements of Breaking (breakdancing) and DJ'ing, and engage youth in discussions around expression & identity. Workshop content will be tailored to the age group of students. Students will learn about influential women from each element of Hip Hop Culture, learn breaking moves and DJ'ing techniques, and discuss gender issues in Hip Hop dance and music, and how they relate to students' broader experiences in society.


    Grade Level: K - 12, Family, Adult

    Audience Limit: 20

    Logistics/Equipment Requirements

    Table, access to electric outlets and wifi, and a flat, smooth, clean surface of at least 10x20ft. Space should be able to accommodate group size with everyone spread out.


    Workshop starts at $185, please contact office for more information.

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