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Underground Railroad Residency

Underground Railroad Residency

This interactive residency program provides students opportunities to learn from outstanding African-American artists about our region’s past, while increasing literacy skills and understanding of racial disparities. 

Programs tie to Social Studies curriculum from grades 3-12. This residency includes a variety of workshops and performances  in music, dance, theatre, and poetry. An extensive residency curriculum guide with projects and resources for classrooms is included.

Students have the opportunity to work with outstanding local artists: Phyllis Thompson, Annette Daniels-Taylor, and Van Taylor. 


  • Residency Information

    Grades: 3 - 12

    Residency Length: 2 performances, 4 - 8 workshops

    Flexible schedule options for shorter residencies or one day programs. 

    Workshop Length: 45 min. (minimum 3/day)

    Maximum Class Size: 30 

    # of TAs: 3

    Residency Goals: 

    • To provide students with exposure to exemplary and diverse African American artists that use art as a vehicle to explore history and articulate their responses to this history

    • To help students increase their oral, written, and nonverbal communication skills through the exploration of Underground Railroad history

    • Increase understanding regarding racial and ethnic disparities and to increase opportunities to interact across racial/ethnic lines

    • Promote knowledge of and pride in the region’s social history specific to the Underground Railroad in Western New York

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