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PUSH Physical Theatre Performance

PUSH Physical Theatre Performance

21st Century Learning Skills presented by PUSH’s team of talented ‘human sculptures’ using acrobatic strength, stunning physicality and emotional depth. Core
subjects such as physical science, literacy and the arts are explored within the context of health, creativity, innovation, communication and collaboration.
Relationships are examined between classroom learning and career & life skills such as social awareness, responsibility, adaptability and flexibility. Performers
carefully guide audiences throughout the program. Individual pieces are given context that is grade level appropriate to help students interpret the work on a level that is relevant to them. Program can include Q&A.


    Grade Level: PreK - 12
    Audience Limit: 300

    Logistics/Equipment Requirements:

    Stage/Performance area:
    1. Must be clean (performers are barefoot, stage must be completely clear of debris, splinters, holes, wires, etc. and swept or mopped).
    2. Stage dimensions should be 25' x 18' or larger. For smaller areas, PUSH must be notified in advance.
    3. The audience should be able to see the performers whole body, without obstruction.
    4. The space must be available one hour before the program starts.
    5. If possible, all announcements and bells should be held until after performance.

    Sound requirements:
    1. A sound system capable of filling the facility with clean, undistorted sound (for most spaces, a boom box/portable stereo is not adequate).
    2. Sound system should accept 1⁄4” or 3.5mm input (standard audio cable used for typical phones, iPads and computers) for the computer sound (provided by PUSH).
    3. One (1) volunteer (teacher or older student) to operate sound. Volunteer will need to arrive at least 30mins prior to the performance to rehearse cues with PUSH.
    4. One (1) hand-held microphone – either wireless or with cord long enough to facilitate movement around the stage.
    5. If event is held in a theatre, in addition to the sound system, there should also be one (1) monitor speaker on stage directed towards the performers.

    1. Any stage lights should be on and access given to lighting board if one is present.
    2. A person knowledgeable with the lighting and sound system must be present during set-up.


    Performance starts at $825, please contact office for more information.

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