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This virtual presentation is perfect for Assemblies and classes of any size. Mixed grades and age groups are welcome. Karim is a native Egyptian and Arabic speaker with perfect English. He performs on multiple percussion and strings instruments from around the Arab world. He demonstrates such instruments as the Duff, Riqq, Buzuq, Sagat, Mijwiz and Tabla. He orates the history of each instrument, reviews how they are made, and writes out the name in Arabic script, with pronunciation. He alters his costume throughout the show, robing in both modern and authentic clothing and explaining how to wrap the kufiyya headpieces. Karim incorporates at least two styles of Arab Folk Dance, including the dance of sticks and stomps, giving a lively rendition. He includes the audience with rhythmic clapping, word pronunciation, line dancing, and spontaneous surveys & questions. With humor, acrobatics, articulation, and masterful audience incorporation, Karim makes a point with his percussion. His goal is to give these young audiences an uplifting impression of Arab and Muslim culture, beyond the news headlines of terror and uprising. As an Arab-American, Karim bridges the East-West cultural gap in the most profound yet entertaining way.


    Grade Level: K - 12
    Audience Limit: 300

    Logistics/Equipment Requirements: 2 microphones, large table, marker board



    Performance starts at $625, please contact office for more information.

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