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Join Our Roster!

Join Our Roster and Become a Teaching Artist

Teaching Artist in Buffalo, NY
Teaching Artist with students
Teaching Artist leading arts programs
Teaching Artist in Buffalo, NY with arts students
Teaching Artist in Wyoming County
Teaching Artist with art students
Arts for Learning WNY is seeking new Teaching Artists in WNY to join our roster!


For 60 years, Arts for Learning WNY has been the leading arts education organization in Western New York seeking innovative, equitable, and inclusive ways to infuse the arts into learning. We serve as a reliable connector between high-quality teaching artists and organizations to provide educational programs that integrate the arts seamlessly into classrooms in our region.


We are seeking Teaching Artists from all eight counties of Western New York that represent the beautifully diverse community we serve.

A Few of the Qualities We Seek in Applicants
  • Exceptional skills as a practicing artist

  • Strong experience teaching children in schools or other settings (examples: community venues, libraries, after school)

  • Commitment to racial equity, social justice, and inclusion

  • Experience connecting art to other academic content or a willingness to learn the skills of arts integration

  • Ability to deliver dynamic and engaging programs—virtually and in-person

  • A passion for using the arts to engage with children and communities


Benefits of Joining Our Roster
  • Access to professional development sessions from nationally accredited facilitators that are exclusive to our roster and partners

  • Flexible scheduling during school and after school hours

  • Administrative and marketing support to schedule and advertise your programs in school districts across WNY

  • Networking opportunities with other teaching artists regionally and nationally through the Young Audiences Network

How It Works

All Teaching Artists on the Arts for Learning WNY roster are independent contractors of the organization. Each individual sets their own pay rate and is responsible for including any material costs in that pay rate. Arts for Learning staff will work with Teaching Artist to advise on an equitable rate of pay if requested.


The program team at Arts for Learning WNY will work with Teaching Artists to advertise, schedule, and coordinate all logistics between the facilitator and school partner. Our team will also administer evaluation tools to help ensure that programs are meeting the needs of the students, teachers, and Teaching Artist facilitator!


In many instances, Arts for Learning WNY can provide free programs to schools while still paying our artists a thriving wage through the generous support of local foundations and elected officials. This allows for more sustainable booking opportunities for our artists to increase their impact on youth in the community.

Ready to apply?

Arts for Learning WNY carefully reviews the quality of an artist’s skills and teaching capacity prior to considering additions to our roster.


The Following Is Required:
  • Application that includes a resume or CV, current bio, work samples, and the submission of one program outline (template provided) submitted digitally.

  • Artists selected to move to the next stage will be invited for an interview with Arts for Learning staff.

  • Following the interview, applicants may be asked to audition their program at a school or community organization. 

  • Program needs may vary year to year and it is up to the discretion of Arts for Learning staff to determine if a proposed applicant meets program needs. We often provide training opportunities and may encourage participation in some level of training for artists new to Arts for Learning.

STEP 1 >  Review the priorities and policies documents
STEP 2 >  Fill out the Google Form Application
STEP 3 >  Complete the Program Template and email along with your resume to
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