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Expanding an Emotional Moment

Grades 6-8 


Why do people "break out" into song during a musical theatre performance?

Students will gain an understanding of the musical as a concept. A teaching artist will collaborate with the classroom teacher to use Rick Riordan's novel "Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief" and its cast recording to explore how to expand an emotional moment with music. Students will choose a chapter of the book, decide what is the most important moment of the chapter, who the characters are, and what moment could use expansion. Students will then create lyrics and compose an original song with support from their music teacher. Students will stage, rehearse, and perform the song in their classroom or auditorium. If the residency is virtual, students will record the performance digitally.


ELA into Action!

Grades 9-12


 The pillars of the New York State Next Generation English Language Arts Learning Standards include reading, writing, speaking, listening, and language. These same elements are critical to successful theatre-making. This four-session, in-person arts-integration residency provides a collaborative instruction opportunity for teachers and theatre practitioners to help students interpret complex texts through a theatre-based lens.

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