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Sherlock Holmes Method of Creative Writing

Sherlock Holmes Method of Creative Writing

Sherlock Holmes had a method. It was in the details. The things he noticed that nobody else did. Your student writers have all the skills they need at their fingertips - rather, their imaginations. Creative writing unlocks the mystery behind every other form of writing that exists. It creates order out of chaos. Reason out of illogic. Once young writers begin the process of crafting a character and setting them on a journey, writing becomes a thing of joy and enthusiasm. And there's a method! Using a modified scientific method, your writers will engage in active theatre games to stir the imagination and build writing prompts from physical movement. They'll take that imagery to craft a character and story, and become masters of noticing - and describing! - the details. Social emotional learning embedded. 


    Grade Level: 3 - 5
    Audience Limit: 30

    Logistics/Equipment Requirements:Classroom setting with desks/stations/chairs/pencils/paper.


    Workshop starts at $160, please contact office for more information.

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