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Off the Bench!

Off the Bench!

Young people face being “benched” every day. In a learning environment with peers, the struggle for uncovering one's strengths while comparing and competing with others can be daunting. Deeply embedded social emotional skills are utilized in "Off the Bench's" theater and improvisational techniques to challenge thinking, unleash creativity, and build self-confidence and empathy for others. 


Research shows that use of play can build social-emotional skills, but when coupled with theater can enhance emotional intelligence, body awareness, classroom camaraderie, and a sense of social responsibility to the self, to peers, and to the larger community. Theatre improvisation challenges students in unique ways to face their fears, take positive risks, and strengthen confidence in their choices and in giving and receiving support from others. It's time for us to be "off the bench" and fully immersed in life.


    Grade Level: 3 - 12
    Audience Limit: 18

    Logistics/Equipment Requirements:Theatre or large room that can be uninterrupted by passersby. Good: Library, Large rooms, Theatres, Music Rooms. Bad: Gyms, Cafeterias, Hallways


    Workshop starts at $165, please contact office for more information.

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