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Interactive Dance Party

Interactive Dance Party

Dance your Heart Out!  This fun-filled, interactive dance-along with dancer/choreographer Cindy Hanna includes movin’ and groovin’ to upbeat tempos along with contemporary styles reflective to the audience. Dance moves anyone can do, and the students participate in every dance during the entire interactive performance. Getting our hearts pumping sending oxygen through out the entire body. Together Cindy and the students will exercise their bodies and at the same time exercise their brains, brain neurons used for cross-over body movements are the same as those used in critical problem solving. So move your bodies to think, learn and problem solve, and just feel good!  


    Grade Level: Pre-K - 5
    Performance Audience Limit: 200

    Logistics/Equipment Requirements

    Large open space and electrical outlet. Inside or outside performance event.


    Performances start at $300, please contact office for more information.

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