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Bubble Mural

Bubble Mural

A creative 2-D art installation designed to be built by students and teachers using biodegradable latex balloons! Designed by Airigami, this hands-on exhibit engages participants in a communal project with maximum impact and minimal mess.
Installations are typically built over a few hours, and can usually last indoors for a week.. Most kids have the dexterity to tie the necessary knots by 3rd or 4th grade. Slightly modified activities allow younger kids, with the help of either older kids, teachers, or parents, to participate in the creation of the work. 


    Grade Level: 3 - 12
    Audience Limit: 200

    Logistics/Equipment Requirements:Murals start at 10 h x10 w and require roughly 15 x 15 floor space. They must be created indoors. (Fully enclosed outdoor tents are possible.)


    Performance starts at $1575, please contact office for more information.

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