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Traveling the Erie Canal: 200 Years of Journeys

To celebrate the approaching Bicentennial of the Erie Canal in 2025, we're offering an engaging and educational arts integrated program that provides youth and families a hands-on exploration of the social, cultural, and historical significance of the Erie Canal!


Traveling the Erie Canal: 200 Years of Journeys is a multidisciplinary arts integrated program that bring the Erie Canal-age to life through writing, poetry, theater, music, and digital arts. This immersive program is made up of several workshops and performances that are augmented with Erie Canal-themes presented by Young Audiences Teaching Artists, such as Melissa Kate Miller, Kristin Brandt, Peter B. Jones, and Sherry Robbins, as well as cultural partners that include the Buffalo Niagara Heritage Village, and the Herschell Carrousel Factory Museum. 

Stay tuned for the Summer calendar to find programming near you!

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