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Susie Rozler


Susie Rozler has over 35 years as a performer, songwriter, music teacher, singer, multi-instrumentalist, voiceover talent, outdoor educator, animal puppeteer and master teaching artist. She's performed in Opera houses, Schools, Libraries, Parks, Churches,Theatres, Museums...etc...Her shows are fun, funny, with very captivating singing and presentation.The songs are easy to learn, lots of movement, some are call and response, All are very interactive and educational.

Offering Erie Canal shows, "Around the Campfire Songs," guitar, harmonica and folk instruments from Erie Canal Days." Buzzer Brains," Q and A show of Erie Canal Facts" and "Native New York. "Interactive Songs and Information about medicinal and dangerous plants and animals along the Erie Canal way.

Also an Earth Awareness show with bird and plant education and stewardship songs (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle) called "Mama Earth's Kitchen Show"

In addition to "I Love Reading and Math and Health". Interactive Songs about numbers and signs, vowels and consonants, teeth brushing and hand washing, and having FUN Reading.
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