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Journeys & Journals on the Erie Canal

Journeys & Journals on the Erie Canal

Presented in tandem with the Erie Canal Traveling Museum, this exciting residency brings the Erie Canal to life through creative writing prompts that every young writer--from the most resistant to the most prolific--will enjoy. The workshops challenge young writers to create characters that could have existed in towns that could have been built along the Erie Canal. They'll develop skills in writing from multiple perspectives, developing character back-story, writing dialogue, and plotting a story from beginning to end. By the end, young writers will have a deepened sense of curiosity and knowledge about life on the canal in a truly personal way. This program is aligned with NY ELA standards. 


    Grade Level: 3 - 5
    Audience Limit: 30

    Logistics/Equipment Requirements: Classroom with desks to write, paper & pens/pencils


    Workshop starts at $160, please contact office for more information.

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