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Courtney Haeick is from Buffalo, New York and is an artist and educator. She is a multidisciplinary artist that creates paintings, sculptures, jewelry, graphic designs, chalk art and murals. Courtney has received her BFA in Art Education from Buffalo State College and graduated with her MFA in Sculpture from SUNY New Paltz. 

Courtney has worked as an art teacher and substitute at Charter School of Applied Technology.  She was an intern Grace Exhibition Space and works as an assistant to promoting events and posting on social media for performance art events. Throughout the year she works as a teaching artist for Young Audiences of Western New York.  While attending graduate school she was a TA for a Basic Sculpture and Drawing II, and was an Instructor of Record to an Intro to Sculpture class at SUNY New Paltz.

She has exhibited her work at the Burchfield Penney Museum of Art, Unison Art Center, Idea Garden in Kingston, Project 308 Art Gallery, Conception Arts in Chicago, Czurles-Nelson Gallery, Bacon Student Art Gallery at Buffalo State, Kenan Center, and Albright Knox Student Art Gallery. Courtney has also created logo designs for Boston Hills Brewery.


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